• 5 Key Indicators That You Should Migrate Your E-commerce Websites to Other Platforms

5 Key Indicators That You Should Migrate Your E-commerce Websites to Other Platforms

If you ask any e-commerce business owner right now about what they fear most, chances are they’ll tell you that it’s migrating to another platform. Migrating to a new platform is laden with risks. It can take a big chunk of your time, and cost you a ton of money and not to mention the inconvenience it will cause your customers. But sometimes migrating to another platform is inevitable. And these are the reasons why you should make that leap:

If your e-commerce website’s overall cost is high

Running an e-commerce website can be costly. You will have to buy a domain name, which is renewable every month, a year or after two years, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee to the e-commerce website builder, take care of hosting costs, development teams, security fee, maintenance fee and much more. This can drive your overall cost through the roof, especially if your profit margin is not high enough. If you realize that your e-commerce cost doesn’t make sense and you can shift to a cost-effective platform, do it.

When the e-commerce websites have problems with integration

Running a business in this age of stiff competition requires that you integrate powerful tools into your e-commerce platform to make it stand out from competitors. If the platform experiences problems with integration, it’s a good idea to move.

Your e-commerce platforms require a lot of maintenance

Another reason you should consider moving to a new platform is if your e-commerce platform requires extraordinary maintenance. In other words, when your web development team fixes a bug, others appear, and the cycle continues. This can cost you time and money.

When your current e-commerce websites can’t scale with you

The e-commerce business is booming worldwide because most people prefer to shop online, in the comfort of their homes. That’s means if you start an e-commerce website today, the chances are that you’ll begin to experiencing results in 2 to three months and you could outgrow your platform in the 4 to 5 months. If you outgrow your platform and it can’t cope up with your growth, you had better change to a more robust platform.

You are skeptical of the security of e-commerce platforms

Security is critical when running an e-commerce website. With so many hackers lurking, your customers’ credit card or other financial information can be stolen. So if you feel like your current platform is not secure enough, you had better move.


While moving to a new platform can be time-consuming and costly, sometimes it’s inevitable because of the factors highlighted above. That’s why experts recommend that if you have the money; choose a robust, scalable e-commerce websites builder in the beginning.


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